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Summer School


2nd WasteEng Summer School (May 19-21, 2016)

Organised before the WasteEng2016 conference, the 2nd WasteEng Conference Series Summer School will offer exclusive programmes designed in close collaboration with leading experts. This will give a unique opportunity to develop your engineering skills in an industrial setting and work with highly topical technological cases.

During 3 days (May 19-21) 25 hours of courses will be taught by some of the best profiles within the area of Pretreatment and Characterisation of Biomass and Wastes (Ptreat-Charac), Biological (Bioconv) and Thermochemical (Thermoconv) conversion of co-Products, Biomass and Wastes, and you will be introduced to a new approach to problem solving.

This summer school will be organised in collaboration with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) who will grant the courses with Certificates. The Ptreat-Charac courses are co-organised with the EU Mobile FLIP Project. The Summer School courses are open to participants and non-participants of the WasteEng2016 conference.

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Summer School courses:

  • Course 1, Ptreat-Charac (5h): Characterisation, pretreatment and fractionation of forestry, agricultural and waste biomass using “routine” methods and advanced state-of-the-art techniques for bioenergy, biomaterials and biomolecules applications.

Lecturers: Dr Denilson da Silva Perez (FCBA, France), Dr Tarja Tamminen (VTT, Finland), Dr Capucine Dupont (CEA, France)

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  • Course 2, Bioconv (11h): Advanced in biological conversion of Biomass, Waste and Wastewater – From fundamentals to Plant design

Lecturers: Prof Bruce Dale (Michigan State Univ, USA), Prof Gerasimos Lyberatos (NTU Athens, Greece), Prof Stewart Oakley (California State Univ, USA)

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  • Course 3, Thermoconv (9h): Advanced in thermochemical conversion of Biomass and Waste – From fundamentals to Plant design

Lecturers: Prof Marco Castaldi (City Univ New York, USA), Prof Umberto Arena (Univ of Napoli 2, Italy), Prof Yong Chi (Zhejiang Univ, China)

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 Summer School registration fees:

Summer School Registration Fees* (net prices)

Module of 3 hours

180 € / module (3 hours)

Module of 2 hours

150 € / module (2 hours)



  • An additional fee of 20 € will be charged for participants who will not attend the WasteEng Conference (May 23-26, 2016).
  • Fees for modules Ptreat-Charac 1, Ptreat-Charac 2 or Thermoconv 1 include Thursday lunch, Thursday diner, and Friday afternoon closing cocktail.
  • Fees for modules Bioconv 2, Bioconv 3, Thermoconv 2 or Thermoconv 3 include Thursday diner, Friday lunch, and Friday afternoon closing cocktail.
  • Fees for module Bioconv 1 include Saturday lunch and Friday afternoon closing cocktail.
  • Fees for each module include the corresponding coffee-break.

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WasteEng2016 Conference

May 23-26, 2016

Summer School

May 19-21, 2016

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February 19, 2016

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Following the successful experience of previous WasteEng conferences, high-quality and original contributions will be selected for publication in Waste and Biomass Valorization, a Springer peer-reviewed journal now included in the Web of Science, with other journals considered as well.